Members’ Artwork

Any Summit Art member can request to have an image of their artwork displayed here.  Please send a JPEG image to the web coordinator Mary Maude and include the name, size, and media of the piece.  If you have a webpage include that in your email and a hyperlink to your webpage will be added to you name under the image of your work, so that people can easily access more information about you and see more of you work.

Watercolor & Ink by Carol Wheat
I'll Fight for You by Mary Maude

I’ll Fight for You
Ceramic Sculpture by Mary Maude

Soaring by Wanda TynerSoaring
Glass by Wanda Tyner
Untitled by Destre Holloway

Oil Painting by Destre Holloway

Longview Barns by Pat Betteridge
Longview Barns
Watercolor by Pat Betteridge
Minding the Night Burn by Mike LewisMinding the Night Burn
Photography by Mike Lewis
Kansas City by Diane BrownKansas City
Photography by Diane Brown
Meat Market in Rome by Jackie ChamberlainMeat Market in Rome
Photography by Jackie Chamberlain
Lacey by Judy BeyerLacey
Oil by Judy Beyer
Tiger Eyes by Barbara Byrne
Tiger Eyes
Glass by Barbara Byrne
Woman at the Bus Stop by Pam Collins
Woman at the Bus Stop
by Pam Collins
Morning Iris by Nikki Hayden
Morning Iris
Watercolor by Nikki Hayden
Lacy by Joseph Fournier
by Joseph Fournier
Missouri Foothills by Darla Zook
Missouri Foothills
Watercolor by Darla Zook
Once Upon a Time by Carol Monaco
Once Upon a Time
Watercolor by Carol Monaco
Wooden Boats by Tom Mallot
Wooden Boats
Photography by Tom Mallot
In a Heartbeat by Carolyn Fox
In A Heartbeat
Photography by Carolyn Fox
Sunset by Melissa McGheeSunset
Photography by Melissa McGhee
Fragrance Oil by Sheila Borne-Bundy

Oil on Linen by Sheila Borne-Bundy

Maggie by Teddy JacksonMaggie
Oil by Teddy Jackson
Jumpin Under the Moon on the Vine (Circa 1935) by Erlene FlowersJumpin Under the Moon
on the Vine

Circa 1935 by Erlene Flowers
Flower Box by Francine BizalFlower Box
Oil on panel by Francine Bizal

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