Angel Hall

An inventor’s heiress, her love of ‘figuring things out’ is her motivation in color exploration. The media can be glass, drawing implements, or acrylic paint- but her deepest passion is glass. The drawing and painting techniques are largely glass-oriented, with simple dynamic shading joining vivid color. This translates to drawing media, too – the viewer can simply imagine the paper or canvas as a colored glass pane to see the correlation.

By 19, she owned Merry Go Round Stained Glass retail studio, with multiple custom work installations in the Kansas City area. She developed designs that challenged typical limitations of the media with deep curved lines that were hand-executed before the invention of the glass bandsaw. She did it again by using Baroque Glass as “flow movement” in depiction of clothing for angels. This caught the attention of Spectrum Glass Company and was asked to showcase her work at AGSA Trade Shows and became one of their promoted artists. Her designs were published through Spectrum and were available online (when the internet was a new unchartered world) through Hall Glass Studios (staineglasshall.com). Her work has been shown in Kansas City, Dallas/Fort Worth, Denver, Omaha, and Seattle.