Angela Flinn

In today’s stressful world, I find myself spending a lot of time in nature, finding a way to calm the hustle and bustle of daily life. I create my art for the calming effect of the abstract ebb and flow of nature. I want people to look at my work and relax into it. I begin by sketching a free flow design on wood with chalk
creating a series of peaks and valleys with different colors. When I like the design, I carve a 3D pattern into the wood using various carving wheels on an angle grinder, chisels as well as some home made tools. Finally, I sand smooth to 400 grit and spray with satin finish.

Angela’s carvings are made from 12-layer Baltic Birch plywood using various wood-specific carving discs on an angle grinder, hand chisels and home-made tools. Each piece is finished with resin, mica pigment and a satin topcoat. No automated equipment is used.

View more of Angela’s work at: angelaflinnfineart.com