Barb Byrne

Barb Byrne with Lily

I began my journey into fused glass art in 2009 when I took a class at a local community center and fell in love with the medium. I have continued to gain experience through live classes, online webinars and tutorials, private tutoring, glass forums, books and lots of experimentation. My first glass pieces consisted of jewelry and small home decor items. Gradually, I expanded into larger home decor pieces and then into more abstract and complex art. For close to 20 years, my husband and I lived on a 300-acre farm in the beautiful Missouri countryside close to the Gasconade River. My connection to animals and nature drew me into doing animal portraits and landscapes using fine glass powder. I also create pieces using enamels on glass. Working with glass powders continues to be my passion and my main focus as I develop my body of work.

Business Name: Barb Byrne Glass
Juried Member of Best of Missouri Hands

Visit my website at www.barbbyrneglass.com