Barbara Krueger

My close up floral or landscape paintings on canvas are inspired by the organic shapes found in nature and are somewhat stylized. I use many layers of acrylic paint and have smoothed out the gradations of color with various mediums. Whimsical colors and stylized shapes are used. Painting ideas come from inspirations from my travels and walks in nature, photographs I’ve taken or from my imagination.

An intense connection with nature and its’ beauty motivates me to capture monolithic rock formations,
close-ups of florals and Southwestern adobes and landscapes. The acrylic paintings on stretched canvas
are inspired by organic shapes found in nature. I use various mediums to gradually blend out the colors
using multiple layers of paint. By using unexpected colors and shapes, the subjects often metamorphosize into something else. The process of being in the creative flow where nothing else matters has been an important part of my life.

View more of my artwork at: caricaturesandcreationsbykrueger.com