Barbara Krueger

An intense connection with nature and its’ beauty motivates me to capture the feeling of the moment
with the passing clouds, flowers blooming at their peak and amazing, transient sunsets. My recent work
involves painting clouds, sunsets and landscapes in pastels and I hope to convey the peacefulness and
tranquility to the viewer that I have experienced from watching them. I feel a connection with each
subject that I paint. The process of being in the creative flow where nothing else matters has been an
important part of my life.

I use soft pastel sticks in multiple layers to achieve soft looking, non-detailed images. I’ll sometimes use the grain of the paper to achieve various effects. I blend different colors by rubbing the pastel pigment into the paper by hand or by using tortillions. Sunsets, clouds, landscapes and florals are the subjects that I like to paint. I enjoy enhancing nature’s colors by exaggerating or adding unexpected colors. I work on colored pastel paper or white Bristol Vellum. My images are a combination of my imagination, photos that I have taken or from life.

View more art at: caricaturesandcreationsbykrueger.com