Chelsea Berg

Chelsea Berg is an artist based out of Kansas City/Lees summit, Missouri. Chelsea is an acrylic painter
and often embellishes her art with acrylic marker, gilding or crushed glass. She does not limit herself to
the tools or material she uses as she is an intuitive artist. She is inspired by nature, emotion, and the
world around her.

Chelsea emphasizes that after having children her art was reinvented. She realized that there are no
“rules” to raising children. The young imagination of her children invigorated and challenged her mind
which taught her how to let go. She found comfort in relating that art does not have any “rules” either.
Art isn’t about obsessing over perfectly straight lines or cleaning up blemishes. Its about the process
and inviting viewers to the same escape that the artist has led.

View more of Chelsea’s artwork at: chelseabergart.com