Christine Chandler

When I take a photograph, it is because the subject makes me do a mental double-take; something causes me to stop, contemplate, remain still and observe. Photography gives me an opportunity to feel and appreciate the intricacies and simplicity of my surroundings. Since I am often very contemplative, images that conjure a contemplative, serene mood appeal to me.

The solitude that embodies my work is a kind of comfortable consciousness, a way of focusing on a singular event. When a photo is emerging I become excited about the prospects of the work. Whether it is completely spontaneous, or deliberately planned and executed, I am absorbed by the entire process from the moment the photo is taken until the work is displayed.

Discovering digital photography has enabled me to express myself as never before and my enjoyment and ability to produce fine art photography has grown exponentially over the years; and so, as the artist emerges, my journey continues.