Jackie Chamberlain

Jackie Chamberlain

I was initially an acrylic painter, beginning in Junior High. I continue in that medium with a realistic style, although I try to loosen up with some subjects.

Much later I began taking photographs as a means to capture scenes I might want to paint afterward. Eventually I discovered that I also enjoy photography and started taking photographs as an additional outlet for my creativity. 

My first published work was in the literary magazine “KC Voices”. Since then I have attended workshops and lectures with well known photographers to increase my skill level.

I paint and take photos of things that inspire me. Thus, my art is mostly of animals, nature and Greek/Roman or Victorian inspired architecture. I have many gardens in my yard and enjoy taking photos of my backyard wildlife.

I like a strong subject/focal point in my photography and I choose to photograph in color because I find the many different colors and hues in nature to be an integral part of the beauty. 

Visit my website at https://jackiechamberlain.wordpress.com

    Indigo Bunting, Photography
    Tiger Swallowtail, Acrylic
    City of Canals, Venice, Photography