Ken Downs

Ken Downs

Using watercolor, acrylic and oil paints, I try to capture the beauty, balance and harmony in everyday scenes all around us. While I became an artist in only 2014, I have been lucky enough to be the recipient of numerous art show ribbons. I hope others enjoy my art half as much as I enjoy creating it.

Ken Downs took up painting in retirement as a result of receiving watercolor paints as a gift.  The watercolor paints were the greatest gift he ever received.

While Ken is a completely self-taught artist and has only been painting since 2014, he has been the recipient of multiple Best of Show, 1st Place, 2nd Place, and 3rd place ribbons in art contests.  He has also been the speaker at multiple art leagues and has been an art show judge multiple times.

The subject of his work varies greatly from still life, to portraits, waterscapes, animals etc. Ken says beauty, balance and harmony are all around us and he simply tries to capture it with his paint brush.

Ken may be reached at (816) 510-0809 or kenwdowns@yahoo.com

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