Lee Ann Stamm

My photographic interest is anything that reflects the past and holds the stories such as old buildings, ruins, natural formations, and local wildlife and flowers. My love is primarily color images because that is how I see the world; however, I have recently been experimenting with black and white when I want to reflect the past or a more depressed mood. Currently my images are digital SLR capture and taken with a Canon R5. Processing is done through Photoshop CS with minor adjustments or full-scale image manipulation depending on my vision.

My education is a compilation of life experiences and multiple classes on and off line, books, seminars, and
field trips. I have learned from some incredible instructors including George Lepp, Rick Sammons, Tim
Cooper, and Scott Kelby. Thankfully, one of my teachers at UMKC Communiversity, the late John Masko,
decided to mentor me as a private student. He taught me all the basics, then darkroom skills, and how
to take the image “I” see. On one of our field trips to Silverton, CO., he mentioned that I never seem
happier than when I have a camera in my hand. He was right. It is my joy.

I have been juried and accepted in multiple art shows from Hutchinson to St. Louis, including the Summit Art Festival. My photography has been shown in exhibits from Hayes to Leawood, Ks. I’m especially proud that the show sponsor, First National Bank of Hutchinson, chose to purchase one of my mountain panoramas and the Hardware Ranch Elk Wildlife Management Visitor Center in Utah displays one of my elk images. View more of my artwork at: leeannstammphotography.com