Marcus Dowty

As a child I enjoyed looking at the photographs of big format magazines of Look and
National Geographic. Both magazines gave a bird’s eye view of the world that I so much
wanted to experience.

As a Kansas City photographer, I have always been interested in the stories I can share
via the camera lens. The lens filters the exposure of any event from the noise of the total
sensory experience. And in so doing, what the photographer focuses on becomes the more
important story. Photography provides a narrative for capturing memorable images of
life’s experiences.

Photography has always been by trial and error. Digital photography facilitates this
learning process. Photography is a process of choosing what to eliminate from view,
unlike visual artists, who make decisions on what to add to the canvas. Digital
photography gives one the opportunity to easily control this visual narrative. Marcus
enjoys making creations of his world.

His photographs reflect his numerous experiences near and far. He has had the
opportunity to travel the world. Travels have included six of the seven continents and 98
countries. His portfolio reflects images of a path less taken.