Nimesha Udani

Nimesha Udani is passionate in art from childhood. She was born and raised in Sri Lanka, currently makes her home in Kansas. Previously, Nimesha studied and worked in Human Resource
Management and also worked as a commercial model, then she became a full-time artist in 2015. Since then she has realized particular interests and subject matter, such as nature and life, have
been soothing themes throughout her life. She finds Watercolor as most inspired and favorite medium to her. She is essentially self taught and
eager to discover new techniques and a unique style. Nimesha uses her own imaginations; if she wants to study some subject or location she refers snapshots taken by her or some friends and adds her own creativity to the original artwork.

“It is always a joy to breathe with nature. Through my artworks, I try make my art to be with nature. It can be a realistic scenery, still life, wildlife or semi-abstracted blend of nature. Most subjects I select from nature are isolated dreamy things which and where I love to see, feel or live with. When I finish a painting I feel I owned that moment forever I live. I like a painting that invokes and invites the viewer’s to journey along with me. “Anything that happens in my life or around me could inspire me to paint. I enjoy music and love to read classical novels and watch classical movies. I  also love to travel and spend time in nature. I always gather something from them to add to my paintings.”

Group Exhibitions:
 KCAC Member Exhibition at Buttonwood Art Space, Kansas City, Dec 2017 – Jan 2018
 Resilience: The 4 Seasons at Buttonwood Art Space, Kansas City, February to April 2018
 Soul and the city at Hilliard Gallery, Kansas City, March 2018