Sarah Berger

Art is a comrade to me. It has helped define my life since memory serves. Life, time and change happens – art has remained a constant. Dabbling in various disciplines, I’ve landed on painting, mostly oils; exploring landscapes, nature and creation as my gesture of peace to the viewer.

I majored at the University of Kansas in illustration, a beautiful expression, but not for me. It was my junior year when I headed off to England. I was exposed to the great painters in Europe that I had seen only in books. While there I also encountered my spiritual side which connected well with art. I knew at that point that I needed to paint what I see, what reality presents – it felt like the symmetry of things.

I moved to Kansas City and studied with Stanley Lewis, Michael Walling and Wilbur Niewald at Kansas City Art Institute, a pivotal point in my development. I was introduced to plein air painting, which I love; solace, study and observation through painting – the challenge of creating three dimensional space on canvas. It’s never quite adequate. View more of my artwork at: sarahbergerart.com