Tom Mallot

I have been making photographic images for over 60 years. As I observe the world around me, I always pre-visualize the possibilities for an interesting image. Black and White techniques for my images has always been my first love. Many years doing darkroom procedures and processes have given me the insight and experience for making a good print.

I now use this same thinking as I make prints with digital software and the computer.

I also make color photographs and enjoy sharing the infinite ways that light produces an emotional response as it illuminates nature and the objects around us.

For over 20 years, I have used my images to make Polaroid Emulsion and Image Transfers. This is now a dying art, since Polaroid film is no longer made. This wonderful simple process has provided me another very artful way to present my images.

I hope that as you view my images you will have a pleasant, emotional response, and a meaningful experience.

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